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The location of the La Hacienda in Barangay Bagumbayan makes this development accessible through some of the main thoroughfares here. The major roads that can lead you to this development include the Teresa Provincial Road, C6, Marcos-Sumulong Highway and the Ortigas Extension. Having a property that is this accessible makes it far much easier for you in case you are commuting or you want to take your family out from time to time. For investors, it is hugely important because property appreciation in value depends on such factors as road infrastructure. 

La Hacienda is about 15 minutes away from Antipolo business district and this means so much in terms of access to some of the key urban necessities such as medical centers, churches, shopping options, and educational institutions. 

Among the closer medical institutions include Little Heart Angel and St. Therese Hospital. The Little Heart Angel is located along Morong Road and it offers both maternity services and general medical attention. On the other hand, St. Therese Hospital is located on J. Sumulong Avenue and it offers a variety of high level medical services. 

Every parent would love to stay in a community that is closer to quality education facilities. Living in La Hacienda assures you of access to some of the best schools not just in the municipality of Teresa, but also in Rizal Province. Here, you will get schools all the way from elementary to universities and colleges. Some of the renowned schools you will find include St. Paul College, Vigan Central School, St. Dorothy, University of Northern Philippines, Ilocos Sur Community College, and Sta. Catalina Central School. All these schools have been approved by the education department. 

The marketplaces closer to the La Hacienda gives you the comfort and assurance of fresh foods including fruits and vegetables. Most of these foods are sourced locally and others are brought in from other areas of Philippines or neighboring countries. One of the best markets is Teresa Public Market and the other one is Corla Grocery Store. 

To help you navigate through the roads leading to and out of this development, there are several transportation options including taxes, buses, tricycles, and jeepneys. The roads here are well done and safe just in case you want to use private means.

Other than the above facilities around the vicinity, there are other landmarks such as Mercury Drug which is one of the leading drugstores and pharmacies, Jolibee which is a Philippine-based food chain famous for its fried chicken, burgers, and other Filipino dishes. Along R. Magsaysay Avenue, you will also find a 24-hour convenience chain known as 7-11. This chain offers beverages, grab and go bites, as well as other assorted items. It operates 24/7.


  • St. Rose Parish


  • St. Therese Hospital
  • Little Heart Angel


  • Montesorri
  • St. Agnes
  • St. Dorothy
  • St. Paul College
  • Ilocos Sur Community College
  • Burgos Memorial School East
  • Vigan Central School
  • University of Northern Philippines
  • Sta. Catalina Central School


  • Teresa Public Market
  • Corla Grocery Store

Major Road:

  • Marcos-sumulong Highway
  • Ortigas Extension
  • C6
  • Teresa Provincial Rd


  • Jeepney
  • Bus
  • FX
  • Taxi
  • Tricycle

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