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La Hacienda is a home far away from home. This means the amenities and features present here give you the feel of a space where you belong. If you are intending to bring your family here so that you can start afresh and give them an environment where they can actualize their dream, your choice is right. This is because La Hacienda has what it takes to guarantee you a peaceful and healthy lifestyle. 

At the entrance you will find a strong and imposing gate well-decorated the Spanish style. This gate which ushers you into the magnificence of the La Hacienda is manned 24/7 by a team of well-trained and dedicated guards. The security provided here doesn’t in any way imply that this area is insecure but is part of the culture of Camella to ensure its communities have an extra layer of security. Your details will be taken down and several checks done before you are allowed in. 

Upon entry, you will be greeted by a massive playground at the center of a well-planned community. This playground is the center of activity here. La Hacienda has a tradition of promoting a culture of togetherness and harmony. For this reason, you will see families having picnics on this playground and kids mingling as they play games and have fun with each other. This is important for the cohesiveness of the community just as Camella intended. 

Another center of attention apart from the playground is the clubhouse. In any modern development, a clubhouse is much like a multipurpose hall which houses quite a number of activities. Assume its evening and you want to catch up with a friend over a cup of tea, the clubhouse at La Hacienda gives you that space and privacy. For book lovers, they can utilize the La Hacienda to put up a small library and meet regularly to discuss their new reads. Apart from this, the clubhouse has a section devoted to gym which helps in promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

Because of the expansive space that the developer has deliberately reserved, residents here can enjoy uninterrupted jogging along the paths specifically designed for that. Exercising in the La Hacienda is different because it brings you into oneness with nature. The jogging path is safe and frequented by like-minded community residents. 

In such a large community as La Hacienda, there is need for reliability and quality in the provision of utilities such as water and power. The developer laid an excellent pipework for water supply and a good transmission system for power. In addition, La Hacienda was designed with a green concept in mind. Water harvesting and renewable energy are at the center of this development. This means no strain at all is exerted on the municipal resources.

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